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Institut de Microélectronique Electromagnétisme et Photonique - LAboratoire d'Hyperfréquences et de Caractérisation

The Institute of Microelectronics, Electromagnetism and Photonics, and the laboratory for hyperfrequency and characterization (IMEP-LAHC) constitute a joint research unit associated to CNRS, INP Grenoble, Université Joseph Fourier and Université de Savoie with about 170 persons (60 researchers or professors, 20 engineers and technicians, 80 PhD students, 10 post doc) working in various research areas such as micro and nano-electronics, micro-photonics, micro-nano-systems, microwaves and optomicrowave fields.

The IMEP-LAHC is located on 2 sites: Minatec-Grenoble (38) and Le Bourget du Lac (73). The research activities are carried out within 3 themes: - "Micro and nano-electronic components - CMNE" dedicated to Ultimate CMOS and Nanostructures, - "Radiofrequency, hyperfrequency and optomicrowave - RFHO" focused on High rate transmission systems and RF functions integrated systems - "THz optoelectronics and photonics" - PHOTO specialized in TeraHertz optoelectronics and Integrated optics on glass and silicon.