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For the last decade, Quantum Dot (QD) based lasers and devices have been the subject of considerable interest owing to expected unique properties that result from the 3D confinement of charge carriers and these atomic-like nanostructures can theoretically offer superior laser performance compared to that of their Quantum Well (QW) based counterparts at a lower cost (e.g. low threshold current, simplified control electronics,.). Although some of the properties were readily demonstrated, QD-based directly modulated lasers did not fully live up to their expectations.

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The knowledge recently gained in this field by this consortium partners within EC projects (IST GSQ, IP ZODIAC, IP IPHOBAC) allows establishing the true potential of QD based lasers for some specific applications. The 3D carrier confinement of QDs in particular leads to remarkable properties such as enhanced non linear effects, which recently allowed stable mode-locking in single section Fabry Perot laser diodes based on QDs grown on InP substrates, without resorting to a saturable absorber section.

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